Controlled Air



Controlled Air Systems has been servicing and installing residential heating and air conditioning equipment since 1995. 

We do it all, and we do it really well!

A lot of fuss can be made about brands of equipment. The fact is, though, what makes a system great is the quality of the installation.

Almost any heating and cooling system (or systems) will provide some heat and cooling to your home. Picking the right equipment and installing it properly will allow the warm and cool air to reach the various parts of your home quietly and at the comfort level you expect. We do that best!

Of course, we have our favorite brands of equipment, but we always install the best equipment for your particular home. We’ll recommend various options for your individual situation, and be sure that you understand why. It’s a true partnership of the client’s wants, the heating and cooling system, as well as the practicality of your home. With energy efficiency is a big topic these days, we can help you to figure out what is the best choice for your situation. 

Call us and see why we say, “It’s where you hire the craftsman, not the salesman.”